DhakaStockExchangeGame.com    is unofficial Remiser/Stock Broking Training Centre

 1st June 2003



DhakaStockExchangeGame.COM  is designed to nurture from mini investors to mega investors that is basking dormant in lot of prospective financiers. Some of these mini financiers mostly financing unknowingly in “less productive sectors” and “risks sectors”. Due to aforementioned facts, these financing is being channeled to erroneous or hazardous community, which leads to total loss of principal itself. They are doing these mini investments in less productive sectors and risks sectors due to lack of knowledge of “easiness of business”  in Stock Exchange investments.


The mini financiers should invest their mini finances through the demonstrated businesses that already on the Dhaka Stock Exchange board. They can channel their mini financial power to make mega financial power. 


DhakaStockExchangeGame.COM  is the stepping stone for these mini financiers to construct skills in Dhaka Stock Exchange before becoming real investors without loosing any money and making acquaintances to Dhaka Stock Exchange.


The Remiser/Stock Broking Agents plays a crucial role in making bourses success. The stock broking farms can create brokers and sharpen their skills without investing money in DhakaStockExchangeGame.COM and make their stock brokers get ready for these future mini investors.


Seeing the prospect we hope to involve the professional as well as trainee remisers/stock brokers in the DhakaStockExchangeGame.COM itself. Involved remisers/stock brokers can play their real life roll in the game. 


We hope to see all the remisers/stock broking farm taking part and becoming the saga for these mini investors and will disseminate our effort. 


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